OREDA (Offshore Reliability Data) Handbook 2015, 6th edition, Volume I and II

OREDA (Offshore Reliability Data) Handbook 2015, 6th edition, Volume I and II


This handbook presents high quality reliability data for offshore equipment collected during phase VI to IX (project period 2000 – 2009) of the OREDA project. The intention of the handbook is to provide both quantitative and qualitative information as a basis for Performance Forecasting or RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) analyses.

Volume 1 is about Topside Equipment. Compared to earlier editions, there are only minor changes in the reliability data presentation.
To obtain a reasonable population for presenting reliability data for topside equipment in the 2015 edition, some data from phases VI and VII already issued in the previous 2009 handbook (5th edition) have also been included.
The 2015 topside volume is divided into two parts. Part I describes the OREDA project, different data collection phases and the estimation procedures used to generate the data tables presented in Part II of the handbook. Topside data are in general not covering the whole lifetime of equipment, but typically a time window of 2 – 4 years of operation. Infant mortality failures are as a rule not collected for topside equipment; hence, the data collected are from the normal steady-state operating time period.

Volume II is about Subsea Equipment. With the increased focus on subsea installations and the increased size of the OREDA Handbook it has been decided since the 5th edition to publish subsea data in a separate volume. The general structure of Volume II is similar to Volume I, but the number of included equipment classes is less such that Volume I is smaller than Volume II.

  • Author : SINTEF NTNU
  • Reference : OREDA
  • Publisher : DNV - Det Norske Veritas
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  • Published date : 2015