InstruCalc 9.0

InstruCalc 9.0

InstruCalc 9.0  Calculates the size of Control Valves – Flow Elements – Relief Devices – Fluid Properties – Pipe Pressure Loss – Liquid Waterhammer 

  • Size more than 50 different instruments with this easy-to-use and accurate sizing program. 
  • Calculates the sizes of control valves, flow elements, and relief devices; produces data sheets for calculated items; and prepares instrument summaries and uses data sheets as a database for generating reports. 
  • The Control valve and Flow element modules now will calculate, display and print graphs of your calculations. 
  • Allows YOU to select any set of engineering units, including your own customized set. Units can be mixed, matched and changed in the middle of a calculation. 
  • Consists of more the 74 routines divided into four main sections: 
         Control Valves • Flow Elements • Relief Devices • Process Data
  • Calculates process data at flow conditions for 54 fluids in either mixtures or single components 
    and 66 gases in either mixtures or single components. Files can be updated with additional users' 
    fluids and gases.
  • Calculates the orifice size, flowrate or differential range, which enables the user to select the flowrate with optimum accuracy. It provides the recommended size and corrects the orifice size accordingly. 
  • Process data can be converted individually or jointly with a simple "click of the mouse."


InstruCalc 9.0 is still the only sizing programs you need to consider!

Updates and What's New in InstruCalc Version 9.0

1.   Engineering Standard Upgrades
A.      Control Valve revisions:

  • Updated to ANSII/ISA 75.011.01-2012
  • Calculation accuracy changed for critical flows
  • Viscosity correction factor changed
  • Pressure drop calculation revised to agree with Crane Technical paper No 410.
  • Option of Cv Units (English) or Kv units (Metric) added.
  • Option  of either, aerodynamic noise calculation by ISA 75.17 method or InstruCalc method
  • Calculation accuracy added (input data within acceptable limits)

B.      Relief Devices

  •  Pressure Relief Devices Program follows API 520 Pt 1, 9th edition dated 7/14

2.       Operational Improvements
Added the ability to have more than one calculation open at a time.  Each instance of the program is framed in a different color.  The user can have multiple "what if" scenarios displayed for making engineering decisions.

System Requirement:
The software requires Windows OS, about 30 MB of drive space, but then additional space will be required for database files that the users will require for projects.

Minimum 1GHz processor and 64 MB RAM is adequate

  • Author : Gulf Software
  • Reference : InstruCalc
  • Publisher : Gulf Publishing Company
  • Dimension : 0cm x 0cm x 0cm
  • Weight : 0kg
  • Format : CD or DVD
  • Language : English
  • Published date : 2016